The analysis of China slewing bearings industry and future development

Slewing bearing is the key part in the equipment manufacturing industry. The performance of mechanical equipment, quality and reliability all depend on the the quality of slewing bearings. After years of development, slewing bearings industry in China has already possess ed considerable scale of production and high technology, and the development of the industry also has obtained certain achievement.


In 2012, as the uncertainty of domestic market increasing, most Slewing Bearings Manufacturers, especially the large backbone manufacturers have tried to transform and upgrade their structural to adjust the market. In recent years ,their preliminary effect has began to show. According to the research, the growth of slewing bearing export will not continue the previous high speed, but won't decline too much .And the whole year bearing export is expected to remain at about 15%.


If slewing bearing industry wants to have sustainable development, our Slewing Bearings Suppliers should provide quality products, at the same time develop high-end products.The product innovation and brand building will become the main challenges of Slewing Bearings industry in the future.