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 ISUTAMI bearings are widely used in various industries. With over 15 years’ experience in bearing manufacture and supply, we are in the position to provide our customers the right products to meet their specific application requirements. ISUTAMI bearings enjoy good reputation as they work well even in dirty, wet or tough situations such as in agricultural, mining and construction equipment, as well as in conditions requiring high accuracy like automotive, motorcycles, medical instruments and machine tools.
Agricultural bearings are often working in harsh environments. They must meet the requirements of the agricultural industry such as extreme temperatures, various loads, increased capacities and corrosive environments.
ISUTAMI offers high-quality bearings that meet these demands. Advanced technologies are applied to manufacture these bearings to acquire higher performance under muddy working conditions and enhance the corrosion resistance for a longer service life.
Split Bearings
ISUTAMI bearings combine the two crucial elements cost-effective machinery: flexibility and reliability. The key features of ISUTAMI bearings mean they will function effectively anywhere your designer has the imagination to incorporate them.
Mounted Units
These units are a combination of a radial ball bearing, seal, and a housing of high-grade cast iron or pressed steel. The housings come in various shapes. ISUTAMI mounted units have features such as rugged construction, high efficiency, and long service life.
The insert bearings are one of the mounted bearings series and they are the deep groove ball bearings with a U-shaped outer ring. Compared with the pillow blocks, the inserts have no housing installed and have their own load capacity.
Bearings are the building blocks of vehicles since they are found throughout a vehicle’s frame along with inside of other major components, and these bearings come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles. ISUTAMI is able to provide the complete line of automotive bearings, such as wheel bearings, hub units, AC bearings, clutch bearings, and other parts like tension pulleys. ISUTAMI automotive bearings have been widely used in OE and MRO market for vehicles.
Wheel Bearings
Wheel bearings are typically located at the spindle of the wheel hub to allow free wheel movement. They are designed to support the weight of the vehicle and allow it to roll with minimal force while withstanding the loads from high speed cornering and hard acceleration and braking. Wheel bearings must withstand outrageous temperatures and conditions. ISUTAMI wheel bearings are featured of steady performance, long life span and high reliability.
Hub Units
Hub unit have to meet increasingly strict requirements that demand lighter weight, greater promotion of fuel efficiency, and enhanced module production systems. Along with the widespread adoption of antilock braking systems (ABS) to ensure stable maneuverability during braking, there is a growing need for our hub unit bearings with a built-in sensor. ISUTAMI offers a range of high quality hub units with ABS sensors.
Tapered Roller Bearings
In many applications tapered roller bearings are used in back-to-back pairs so that axial forces can be supported equally in either direction. Pairs of tapered roller bearings are used in car and vehicle wheel bearings where they must cope simultaneously with large vertical (radial) and horizontal (axial) forces.
The conveyor bearings are widely used in transportation, wash down and food procession environments. Because of its special chemistry material, they are load ratings may be differ from the other carbon steel bearings. Determined by its special application, the conveyor bearings have a low precision and high slewing rate to make full use of their utility. Otherwise, it is a kind of bearings which need to be protected from the chemicals environment due to the materials themselves.
Unground Bearings
The unground bearings are one of the widely used bearings which always be utilized in assembly line, plane conveyer systems and other logistic systems. They are composed of inner ring, outer ring, body and the holder. This bearings have a high performance at antifriction, low consumption, high precision and so on. The rings of the bearings could advance the wheels to undergo much more abrasion resistance and uniform strength.
Large numbers of bearings are built in motorcycles, including in the engine, the transmission and the wheels. These bearings support a motorcycle’s running, and help to reduce friction and to ensure that the motive power of the engine is reliably transmitted to the wheels. Therefore, motorcycle bearings must facilitate a smooth ride due to low friction and vibration, and ensure durability.
Deep Groove Ball Bearings
ISUTAMI spherical plain bearings offer self-aligning Used for motorcycle engines and transmissions. Since these bearings are used in dusty environments where they are subjected to shock loads at high temperatures and high-speed rotation, they are required to have very high rigidity and excellent anti-dust characteristics. As our hit product, ISUTAMI deep groove ball bearings are manufactured from high-grade materials and first-class technologies, which can meet the requirements very well.
Mining industry plays the key role in providing resources to maintain our daily living. Mining equipment are often operated in very tough conditions and kept working continuously. As the crucial components of these equipment, mining bearings are required to withstand extremely severe environments. Such bearings must be tough, long-lasting, withstand heavy loads, and offer high reliability to suit the specific demands of mining applications. ISUTAMI cylindrical roller bearings and spherical plain bearings are your right choice.
Cylindrical Roller Bearings
Compact design
Maximum load carrying capacity
Run well under high rotation speed
For extreme operating conditions
Bearings used in medical device applications must meet unique requirements because of the extraordinary conditions in which they perform. Biocompatibility, corrosion resistance and sterilization are just a few of the challenges medical bearings must accommodate. With over 15 years of experience, ISUTAMI bearings are worth your trust. ISUTAMI medical bearings are manufactured from 440C stainless steel. The material’s corrosion resistance allows for repeated sterilizing. Its highly finished, honed surface provides a long lasting structure for the 440C or Silicon Nitride (ceramic) balls, which allows the bearing to rotate smoothly at the high speeds.
Stainless Steel Miniature Ball Bearings
ISUTAMI stainless steel miniature ball bearings are manufactured with extremely high accuracy. They are perfect for handheld medical and dental equipment, tools which must be very small but also very precise and durable, as well as corrosion-resistant.
Bearings are critical components in machine tools such as CNC machines. Bearings used in machine tools are typically required of long life, extreme stiffness & precision, and the ability to tolerate heavy loads. ISUTAMI is a reliable supplier of the complete set of machine tool bearings, including deep groove ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings and needle bearings.
Deep Groove Ball Bearings
Deep groove ball bearings can support light-to-moderate axial loads in both directions as well as radial forces. ISUTAMI deep groove ball bearings are characteristic of their steady load capabilities, smooth and quiet rotation, high rigidity, low friction and standard accuracy.
Cylindrical Roller Bearings
Compact design
Maximum load carrying capacity
Run well under high rotation speed
For extreme operating conditions
Needle Bearings
Needle bearings are compact, economical and provide a high load carrying capacity and a constant level of quality. ISUTAMI offers different types including drawn cup roller clutch bearings, axial needle roller bearings, drawn cup needle roller bearings, and drawn cup full complement bearings.
Linear Bearings
ISUTAMI linear bearings are manufactured with extremely high accuracy, low noise, steady performance, long service time and smooth running, they are widely used in precision mechanism, medical apparatus, instruments, chemical industry, printing etc.
Heavy equipment play the key role in construction projects. Bearings in these heavy construction equipment are required to work in dirty and dusty environments and withstand heavy loads. ISUTAMI bearings can be found in all types of construction equipment, including cranes, hydraulic excavators, asphalt pavers, and wheel loaders, as well as many other types of heavy equipment used in building projects.
Cylindrical Roller Bearings
Compact design
Maximum load carrying capacity
Run well under high rotation speed
For extreme operating conditions
Thrust Ball Bearings
Thrust ball bearings are designed to take pure axial load only. ISUTAMI thrust ball bearings are manufactured for high axial load applications running at relatively low speeds, with single direction and double direction designs available. These bearings are of high precision and need low maintenance.
Slewing Bearings
The slewing bearings are widely used in heavy-duty equipment and precision instrument, driven by hydraulic or electric motor to handle simultaneously radical, axial and moment loads. They widely found in industries such as: wind energy, medical, forestry&farming,transport and so on.
Spherical Plain Bearings
ISUTAMI spherical plain bearings offer self-aligning capabilities at relatively low speeds; they can accommodate heavy static loads as well as forces that occur during oscillating, recurring tilting or slewing movements. Shaft misalignment or deformation of surrounding components does not affect the spherical plain bearings performance making the spherical plain bearing very reliable even under demanding conditions.