The Spring Outing of ISUTAMI
Date: March 28, 2014
Last weekend, March 22th, our colleagues gathered together to enjoy a spring outing. The tour was taken around the West Lake, which was a shining pearl located in the southeast of china, and we shared the happiness with each other along the Bai Causeway.

Immersing in the green world was such a wonderful experience that no one of us felt a little tiny tired all the way until to the end stop. Hangzhou Botanical Garden was famous for its landscape and many plant species, like Magnolia, Oriental Cherry, Peach Blossom and so on. This was also the reason why we chose there to spend our happy time.
It was well-known that China had a well reputation for her traditional customers, especially for her food. Vegetable, seafood, meat were the main dishes in our lunch, and we admired the styles and enjoy the full flavor in the air. 
Happiness could never be ended. We played cards for a whole afternoon, named To Tell The Truth, no matter what the fearless sun was making a display of its strength. The season relaxed the stress, and the friendship gathered the happiness. They were both the power and incentive of the new year’s good business.